What is Tallow?

Tallow is simply rendered fat derived from cows and makes for an excellent natural alternative to commercial moisturizers that often contain harmful ingredients and chemicals. It doesn't spoil easily or become rancid, and it doesn't break down into free radicals that can damage your skin. In fact, tallow closely resembles the sebum our skin produces, which is why it's sometimes referred to as sebum in Latin.

What makes tallow even more beneficial for our skin is its similarity to the cellular membranes in our bodies. Both tallow and our cell membranes contain over 50% saturated fat, which is a key component of youthful, firm, and healthy skin.

In addition to being all natural and well accepted by our skin, tallow boasts anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Our 100% Grass-fed and grass-finished tallow is rich in a variety of fatty acids, including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), palmitic acid, alpha-linoleic (omega-3), linoleic acid (omega-6), palmitoleic acid (omega-7), oleic acid (omega-9), and stearic acid. This unique combination of fatty acids results in a deeply moisturizing, hydrating, and highly restorative skin cream.


 What all can Tallow be used for?

With its rich and unique characteristics, the uses for Tallow are endless. Refer to our "What all can Tallow do?" page here to see a list of ways you can use our tallow-based products. 


Are your products baby/kid safe?

Yes! We formulated our products with all natural and safe ingredients so that everyone is able enjoy them. Of course, we recommend performing a small patch test prior to full application on sensitive individuals to ensure that there are no unwanted effects. 


Can I use this on my tattoos?

Yes! Tallow is actually a great option to use on tattoos. Learn more about it in our blog post here.


How do I know if my order has shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email upon ordering. Once your order has been picked and shipped, you will receive an additional email with your tracking information. Please refer to our Shipping Policy page for more information.

You can also view your orders along with their respective information and tracking from your customer account here, or by navigating to https://www.naturallow.com/account.


Can I make a change to my order?

As long as your order has not yet shipped, you can make changes to the order. Please reach out to us at support@naturallow.com with your Order Number and the details of the requested change. We will then send you an updated invoice with the new list of items and the total. Please note that if your order has already been picked and shipped, then there is nothing we can do to make changes to the order as it has been handed off to the carrier and it on its way to you at that point.


What if my Product is melted or "deflated" when it arrives to my doorstep?

Although the product is perfectly fine and usable in its melted state, all you will need to do is pop it in the refrigerator for a short period of time to allow the product to re-solidify. If you are concerned with the consistency of your Whipped Moisturizer, all that needs to be done is to cool the product, and then re-whip it to the desired consistency once firm. 


My Whipped Moisturizer melted and now the jar isn't full. Did I lose product?  

No, you did not lose any product. The Net Weight of the Whipped Moisturizer is exactly the same, therefore, the same amount of product is still in the jar. The heat has just caused the Whipped Moisturizer to deflate. The product is perfectly fine and ready to provide the same nutrients to your skin.


Do I HAVE to Refrigerate my Products?

No, refrigeration is not necessary, although it may help to extend your products shelf life. We do, however, recommend that you refrigerate your balms after receiving them for the best results. Otherwise, we recommend you store your products in a cool, dark space.


What is the Shelf Life of your Moisturizers?

The shelf life for our tallow balms is 6-9 months.


Are all of your products organic?

We take pride in the fact that we have made the effort to only source and use ingredients that are 100% USDA Organic approved. You can read more on the ingredients that we use here.


How can I become an Affiliate for Naturallow LLC?

You can apply to be a Naturallow Affiliate by clicking here, or navigating to affiliate.naturallow.com, and filling out the application. We will review it and get back to you if we think you would be a good fit.