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Tallow for Tattoos

Tattoos are a captivating form of art that have adorned the human canvas for centuries. These intricate designs, often deeply personal, serve as both expressions of individuality and cultural symbols. The history of tattoos is rich and diverse, spanning cultures worldwide. From the ancient Egyptians' use of tattoos for medicinal and religious purposes to the Polynesian tradition of tribal tattoos signifying status and heritage, inked art has played a pivotal role in human history. 

Today, they continue to captivate us with their beauty, offering a unique glimpse into the narratives, beliefs, and creativity of those who proudly wear them. However, it's equally essential to remember that taking care of tattoos with the right skincare products and ingredients is crucial to preserving their vibrancy and longevity, ensuring that these beautiful artworks stand the test of time. Inadequate care following a tattoo can impede the healing process and increase the risk of skin infections. 

While most companies use petroleum with artifical ingredients that are too harsh for fresh tattoos, our team at Naturallow promises to always use natural ingredients such as tallow and olive oil. Bursting with CLA and fat soluble vitamins, tallow excels in the vital tasks and nourishing and moisturizing skin. Olive oil also makes a perfect add in as it is rich in antioxidants and promotes healing to sooth irritation. 

To make things even better, we have put together a comprehensive aftercare routine to maintain the pristine condition of your new and old ink. 

New Tattoos:

For optimal tattoo care and to avoid irritation, apply a thin layer of Naturallow Pure Balm 3-6x a day to clean fresh tattoos after taking off the initial cover.  

We also suggest avoiding sun exposure as much as possible as well as pore opening activities during the first few weeks. By the second or third week, your tattoo should be fully healed. 

***Do not lather in big globs or use on wet skin. Excessive use of moisturizer can be counterproductive and actually make it harder for your skin to heal. Applying to wet skin can potentially trap water between the ink and the moisturizer, leading to unwanted changes in your tattoo's appearance. 

Old Tattoos:

For best use case, apply to fully healed clean tattoos 2x a day as needed. Generally, we suggest applying a thin layer morning and night time for best results. This will help with keeping your tattoos bright and lively. 

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