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"Relax" Tallow Body Balm (1.5oz)
Best product ever!

Just got this & I absolutely love how it feels on my face! The scent is amazing!

Thank you! Relax is a favorite for sure! Dont forget, we reward good before and after pics that get sent to our support email ;)


I was really disappointed with this after seeing all the good reviews. It didn't make me break out, but left my skin either looking greasy or rough constantly. This was not a good product whatsoever. I'm not sure if it's the olive oil or the tallow, but this did not work for my skin. Also - I thought the vanilla would be like a basic vanilla, but it smells like you're rubbing cupcake frosting onto your face. It's very sweet and strong.

Hello Cici, thank you for the honest feedback. At in-person markets we often find that people are using a bit too much tallow moisturizer at once leaving that greasy feeling behind. Its always good to remember that a little goes a long way, which is good because that means a jar should last you some time. We do apologize that the vanilla scent was a bit too much for you. While some people love that strong cupcake scent from the organic vanilla oil, others, like yourself, may not necessarily feel that same. Please feel free to reach out to our support and we can work with you in order to attempt to make your experience with Naturallow better!

The perfect chapstick!

I love this chapstick. I use the vanilla one all day everyday. It keeps my lips moisturized for a pretty long time. I’d say it’s much more moisturizing than any other natural chapsticks I own. This by far is my favorite, and it smells really good too!

Thank you! The lip balms are quickly becoming a crowd favorite!

Sugar Scrub
Game changer

I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and it’s always an issue finding a good exfoliator that doesn’t irritate my skin. This scrub has been a game changer. It’s changing the texture of my skin and it feels softer and moisturized. I love this product.

Thank you Alysha! We are thrilled to hear that you are loving our products and have found something that works great for you!

No more rough hands.

This is our second jar of the scrub. I love the orange scent. The scrub isn't harsh, nor is it too fine like other brands I've tried. My husband uses this on his face, but its also helped improve the skin on his hands, which are rough and dry from work. It's definitely going to be part of our routine for a long time.

Looks like you're a Naturallow family now!

He approves!

Just started using the moisturizer. I absolutely love the soft texture, and how soft it makes my skin feel. Even my husband uses it!

This is awesome! We are so happy to hear the two of you love it

The freaking BEST!

This stuff smells like heaven. I love using it when I get out the shower. It keeps me moisturized and smelling lovely all day! My skin loves it and is so vibrant and glowy when I use it. Thank you so much for an amazing product!

We are so happy to hear that you love it!!! Thank YOU for being an amazing part our Naturallow community

So moisturizing and amazing!

I just love this stuff! A little goes a long way and it keeps my skin extremely moisturized and soft. I don’t have to use much tallow body balm when I get out of the shower when I use this. It smells so good, too!

Fantastic all around

The whip might be my favorite because of the consistency, I was weary about whether or not it would ship well but they packaged it beautifully and securely. It arrived with a perfect consistency and I’ve left it sitting in the heat for a little bit and it held up great.

We are happy that everything arrived in good condition for you. We make sure to package each order with care to ensure that it arrives for you to enjoy!

It works as good as it smells

This stuff smells absolutely fantastic, but it works so well for some many different things. My skin looks and feels better, it’s a decent after shave and healed razor burn. It’s wonderful.

So happy you are enjoying this and finding many uses. The number of uses really seem endless!

Tallow Body Balm
Matthew Tobias

I got this, along with the vanilla last week, this one specifically for a fresh tattoo, has worked better than anything I’ve used before. Would recommend.

This was a smart choice to go with a natural, tallow-based product for your ink! Petroleum based products can actually cause your fresh ink to fade faster!

Tallow Body Balm
Matthew Tobias

Started using this a week ago and so far it’s been wonderful. No more cracks, or dry skin, really makes my tattoos pop. Will be getting more.

It's wonderful to hear another happy customer!

Sugar Scrub

This is THE BEST scrub I have ever used. I even shave with it!! It’s so moisturizing that once I wash off the sugar scrub I can use the moisture to shave. No ingrown hairs since. Just buy it

Thank you! We love how moisturizing our scrubs are

Sugar Scrub
Diane Hamblin
Lovely feeling

I very much love the product I purchased, after rinsing off my skin was silky soft and lasted all day, I use it everyday so will have to get more soon and the scrub smells so GOOD!

Our scrubs do wonders for the skin! We are so happy you love them and can't blame you for using it every day. We do too :)

Love it!!!

I ordered this for my mom and she absolutely loves the smell and it works super well on her skin! She keeps raving it about it! :) I will definitely be ordering Naturallow for all my Christmas presents this year!

Thank for Sharing our products with others! We are so happy that your mom loves it! Naturallow Products make perfect Holiday gifts, but we also have gift cards if you can't make up your mind ;)

Tallow Body Balm
Anna Hershey

Smells so yummy and works soo well!! I will definitely be ordering again!

We are beyond thrilled that we are able to provide you with a natural skin care solution that you love!!! We love to reward our loyal customers, so reach out to support before your next order and we will see how we can make your experience with us even better!

so gooooddd

I have to get more as gifts just wow

We are happy to see that you are enjoying our natural skin care! Naturallow products make excellent gifts and we even have gift cards.


This stuff is god sent- soooo amazing to use in shower to exfoliate.

Way better than my Osea salt scrub

Unexpectedly a favorite

Was super hesitant about using this but started using this everywhere- taking my make up off, moisturizing and even for a hair mask. This stuff feels so good and my skin loves it!!!!!

I use medical grade products and never thought anything could compare and I’m in disbelief how much I love this. AMAZING

We love to hear all of the ways you have been using our products and are so happy that we could provide you with a natural, healthier skin care option!

Sugar Scrub
Tasia Pugh
Great Addition to My Skincare Routine

I recently tried the Citrus Sugar Scrub and I can honestly say it has become such a great addition to my weekly skincare routine.

The texture of the scrub is just right. Every time I use it, my skin always feels so soft and smooth afterwards. In comparison to other sugar scrubs, this particular one doesn't feel too abrasive, making it suitable for regular use without causing any irritation. Which in my opinion makes it one of the best scrubs I have used.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality sugar scrub!

Thank you so much for your kind words Tasia. We think its the best scrub out there too :)

Sugar Scrub
Anna Hershey

Smells sooooo good!! I love it and it is truly so relaxing! I will definitely be buying more! I have sensitive skin and have had absolutely no issues with these products which is so great because I have struggled to find things that work for me.

Thank you Anna! Our products were formulated with all skin types in mind, so we are happy to hear that it is working wonderfully for you


This has become a major part of my skincare routine. I use lots of products for my dry skin and nothing has ever come close to the hydration that I get from this- my skin feels moisturized all. day. long. I’ve also had no reaction from this, which is huge for me because I’m usually sensitive to anything with fragrance— but this is all natural, so it’s been amazing. And it smells INCREDIBLE!

We are thrilled to hear that our natural products are working so well for your sensitive skin!

Tallow Body Balm
Alicia T.

Absolutely love the Vanilla Balm and Relax Balm! I use vanilla during the day and relax before bed. I haven’t used any other moisturizers since getting them and my skin is SO SOFT. I wear gloves most of the day at work so not only is it helping my face but my hands too! A little goes a long way; the ingredients are SIMPLE but PERFECT!

It sounds like you have the perfect routine figured out for yourself! It's amazing what high-quality, all-natural ingredients can do for the skin

Sugar Scrub
Greg Morton

I love this product. Your skin will feel super soft after using this. I live the vanilla scent! It’s fragrant but not over powering. Great care is taken with packaging the product too!

Thank you! We take the time to package each product with care so that it arrives to you without any issues

Tallow Body Balm
Greg Morton
Super soft skin

Nice fragrance of vanilla that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s great on elbows, knees and feet! You will not regret using this product. It’s great to use after the vanilla sugar scrub.

We are so glad you are enjoying those delicious Vanilla smells